SEA Change

noun: a profound or notable transformation


APPLY NOW FOR SEA CHANGE 2017! DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION IS FEB. 1, 2017. Click here to access the application.

SEA CHANGE is a collaborative initiative that provides coaching, connections and capital to people who have big ideas to improve their community.

OUR MISSION is to connect resources, funders, innovators, and mentors to accelerate ideas from concept to successful social enterprise across the state of Ohio.

The SEA Change accelerator is a 14-week online course supplemented by weekly in-person gatherings to share in learning across the cohort. Participants will also gain access to mentors across a wide variety of disciplines and issue areas. The accelerator will culminate in a Pitch Day, where in the past up to $70,000 has been invested across several top social enterprises that completed the program.

Prior to the accelerator starting in March, we will have a business 101 course provided by Westporte Capital called GO BIZ GROW. For those applicants we select who do not have a business background, we may make it a contingency that they complete these courses. For all other it will be optional. These courses take place on Wednesday evenings in March from 6pm-9pm.


Are you a business owner and interested in participating? Do you have a great socially minded idea? Maybe you’ve gotten started but aren’t sure where to go next? Click here to get started

Are you a business expert and interested in being a mentor/facilitator? Are you a Subject Matter Expert, or consider yourself a jack-of-all-trades? Have you started or run a successful business? Do you support successful businesses? Click here to fill out an interest form

We plan to select up to 12 participants across 3 categories of social enterprises:

1.) START: pure startup idea with some validation, whether is is feedback from customers or a board of advisors who believe in your concept

2.) SCALE: social enterprises already in existence looking to grow or pivot

3.) SUSTAIN: nonprofits looking for an earned revenue opportunity to diversify their funding